VCPEA - Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, Inc.


The Helen J. Napps Award of Excellence, established by the Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (VCPEA), recognizes professional excellence by individuals who work in the area of elder abuse prevention and/or elder abuse protection. VCPEA presents the award at its annual abuse prevention conference in Virginia Beach in odd-numbered years.

Nominees have made substantial contributions to the prevention of and/or response to the neglect, abuse, and exploitation of older Virginians. Nominees demonstrate moxie, integrity, attitude, and adaptability in their actions. They may work in adult protective services, domestic violence services, aging services, mental health services, health services, rehabilitation services, law-enforcement, legal services, health care, academia, guardianship, research, volunteerism or any other discipline that participates in elder abuse prevention and/or protection.

Previous winners include: